#homefor500 FAQs


Who are these children?

These are the children of the home, under the NGO called Reaching Hand.

Why Justin Bieber?

Because the kids love him, chose to sing his song and we are sending out links to the childrens’ cover version of his song.

Tell me about this NGO:

www.reachinghand.org . This NGO runs multiple operations: a children’s home, a school for underprivileged and a skills training centre for women.

What are we trying to achieve here?

We are trying to raise funds for a project to house 500 children: reachinghand.org/index.php/about-us/future/dream-school/

Why is the a . before the @ in the tweets?

Well, this is one of Twitter’s lesser-known quirks.
If you dot before you @mention, your Tweet shows up in the feeds of all of your followers. If you don’t dot before you @mention, your tweet is considered conversational and only shows up on your stream, the stream of whoever you Tweeted at, and those lucky followers you both have in common. – See more at: http://thesocialu101.com/tips-tricks-why-the-period-before-twitter-mentions/#sthash.bdqPDaGe.dpuf

Why send out this Buzzfeed article?

  1. Because the article tells the entire story with pictures
  2. The Buzzfeed story gives us some sort of credibility
  3. If enough people start going into the Buzzfeed story, the story may get pushed up into Buzzfeed’s front page and this will have a multiplier effect by pulling in people that are not already a part of this campaign.

About emilyparkes90

Volunteer 'Childcare champion' and charity fundraiser for Reaching Hand, Bangalore.
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