It’s all for a Good Cause!



It is almost a month since I arrived in Bangalore, and I have dived in to my job

role head first! I am becoming familiar to the ways of the office and fundraising world, and have my first Reaching Hand fundraising challenge! I am going for Silver Care Champion in Bangalore’s 10K marathon on the 19th May, which means I have committed to raise .75Lakh (about £940)…! This is my biggest fundraising challenge yet, (and also most athletic!) but I am so passionate to raise the amount. With great kindness from many people, I am very close to reaching my target which needs to be met by Monday (but donations can still be made up until June 5th)

So, for whoever is reading this, please take the time to also look at my page – and donate to Reaching Hand via our (NEW!) Global Giving page for the UK –

This challenge is teaching me the real humility, patience, passion, vigilance, and eternal optimism of fund-raising. It feels good to be working with like-minded people for such a worthy cause, and being spurred on by peoples kind and generous sponsorship means a great deal indeed. Here’s to a further 5 months raising funds to support these wonderful children! 

About emilyparkes90

Volunteer 'Childcare champion' and charity fundraiser for Reaching Hand, Bangalore.
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